Author: Chrisella Herzog

Africa’s Rising Digital Impact

Interview with Danladi Verheijen, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Verod Capital Conducted by Chrisella Herzog in July 2013. This interview was part of a feature for Diplomatic Courier. Africa is currently one of the fastest developing regions in the world, with six of the world’s top ten fastest growing economies hailing from the continent. As economies reach GDP growth rates of 6 and 7 percent, the continent finds itself in need of an influx of foreign investment, venture capital, and smart public-private partnerships to build the infrastructure needed to sustain such growth. Lagos, Nigeria is a case in point. Quickly becoming one of the largest cities in Africa, Lagos is an urban hub plagued by traffic congestion and a country undergoing rapid urbanization. Over multiple interview sessions, wrangling with phone connections between the United States and Nigeria, Chrisella Herzog with Danladi Verheijen, the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Africa-based venture capital firm Verod Capital. Here’s what he had to say about transportation, development, and Nigeria’s future. *** [Chrisella Herzog]: How do you see mobile technologies changing socio-economic relationships on the ground in Africa? [Danladi Verheijen]: This comes back to the lack of infrastructure. One infrastructure project that has really been lacking is telephone lines. Now they are putting in copper lines and trying to have a couple different organizations compete. Nigeria got its first mobile phone network installed in...

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